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See How String Helps Dealers Make Better Decisions and Reap More ROI

String Automotive’s intelligence application, the Dealer Positioning System, takes the pulse of your dealership and your local market and guides you to make the most profitable, proactive decisions for your store and unique situation. When used in concert with vendors and agency partners, this powerful analytics solution simplifies choices like:


  • How to spend marketing dollars most efficiently
  • What inventory to stock
  • When to hold gross
  • Where to conquest


We do this by combining multiple sources of data from inside and outside the dealership to provide a rich, actionable view of your local market and an objective view of what – and who – is working for your dealership. But the DPS goes beyond just identifying current wins and potential issues, providing a visual view of your data that saves time, shapes strategy and makes money for your store.

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String Dealer Positioning System