Make a Date with Your Data at Digital Dealer with a Complimentary Analytics Assessment

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Struggling to get the most out of your Google Analytics implementation?  Schedule a 30-minute appointment at Digital Dealer with Matthew Kolodziej, String Automotive's Director of Analytics. He'll answer all your burning GA questions and take a look at your data to help determine how to best spend your time together. And the best part -- you'll have a one in 20 chance to win a free two-month trial of String's powerful new buisness analytics suite, the Dealer Positioning System (a $2,590 value). Here are just some of the topics you could choose to cover in your complimentary session:


  • How do I correctly set up goals and conversions?
  • Why won't my website vendor allow me to implement GA?
  • How can I measure ROI for specific lead sources?
  • Where are the weak spots in my marketing funnel?
  • How do I explain these discrepencies in my data?